Everything we know about EXO's comeback album OBSESSION

Everything we know about EXO's comeback album OBSESSION

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EXO's world is so complex, and the boys like to keep things mysterious -- so even with new teasers and images it's hard to tell exactly what they're up to and where in their story we'll land. 

So it looks like we're getting ready for a showdown between EXO and X-EXO. 

We also know that EXO opened two new social accounts to represent the dark side of their concept, X-EXO. There @exoonearewe on Twitter and @exo.onearewe on Instagram. 

Their first concept trailer also sets up this epic battle -- it begins with sweeping shots of mountains, starry skies, and the tree of life. Then we see the set of EXO symbols lit up. Note that there are nine symbols but only six are illuminated because Xiumin, D.O. and Lay aren't part of this comeback 😭.

Next we are introduced to each of the members and their powers. Right when it seems to be over, Sehun slowly raises a bow and lets an arrow go. Then we see the words LET THE FIGHT BEGIN. 

Why Sehun? Fans have a theory based on one teaser image, where Sehun is the only member without crosshairs on his picture: 


Exo obsession teaser

So we don't know exactly what EXO has planned, but we do know it'll be absolutely impeccable in style. Just look at their flag teaser image! Ugh, we can't wait for November 27. 


EXO just updated with this information. 

‘Return of the King’ EXO will take over the music scene once again with its lead song ‘Obsession’! Meet 10 songs from various genres, including Korean and Chinese versions of the hip-hop dance song ‘Obsession’ on NOV. 27. 6PM KST!

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