About Us

Hey! Thanks for checking out Heya Korea!

Our story starts when we stumbled across a k-pop video, then looked up another...then another...then another (you know how it goes). Pretty soon we were subscribing to V Live, learning Korean, watching K dramas, participating in fan projects and searching for all the merch and albums we could find. 

We fell in love with k-pop. But we started Heya Korea because we wanted to find k-pop merch and Korean-inspired fashion that was three things:

  • affordable
  • unique
  • cool


That's why we select both official and unofficial merch that doesn't scream STAN, and why we started designing streetwear-inspired fan merch -- so we could express our fandom while expressing our own style and creativity. 

Have questions? Want to share your bias? (Want to hear about ours?!) Get in touch!


We got the name from hearing our favs yell "ya!" at each other during very talkative V Lives. So Heya Korea = Hey Hey Korea! or Ya Ya Korea! depending on who and where you ask :)